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If you have any questions or concerns about your online donation please contact by email
Rev Dr Robert Griffin, Executive Minister

Just as you may have your mother’s eyes or your father’s nose, you are part of God and therefore share God’s intrinsic goodness and naturally generous nature. Look around you. This truth is everywhere! Embedded within life’s genetic code is a profound wisdom that living means giving. Leaves that draw in precious energy fall to the ground for the building of the soil. Seeds that encapsulate the future die in order to be reborn. All of creation has been encoded with God’s giving heart. It is through our giving that we live our truest identity and discover true joy. No matter what you’ve been taught about what one “has to do” or “has to give” in order to inherit God’s kin-dom, it was not the whole story. You are divinely hard wired to be generous.

We hope you will want to participate in the giving of and to Sunshine Cathedral. We partnered with easyTithe to provide our church family and friends with an easy, predictable way to give online. Whether you prefer to set up an automatic recurring donation or simply want to make a one-time donation online, it only takes a minute or so to set up your easyTithe account.

Once you have an easyTithe account set up you’ll be able to track all your easyTithe payments and view your online giving history at any time.

Click below to Give Online:
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By clicking the above link, you can give by logging into your account or select Quick Give.

By creating an account, you can set up your account to give automatically: once a week, once a month, bi-weekly, etc. by using your Credit Card / Debit Card.

Also, by creating an account, you can have your donations debited from your account by ACH right to the Sunshine Cathedral.

Text To Give
Text To Give: 954.399.7333

Give Text to Give a try – Donating and giving made even easier on your mobile device. Just send a text to 954.399.7333 and simply follow the instructions. Your donation is secure and safe. Once you create your free Text To Give account, then all you ever have to do is text the amount of your gift whenever you wish and the donation is automatically given.

Text to Give Setup
1. Text Number – 954.399.7333
2. In message box enter giving amount; 1 for $1.00, 10 for $10.00, 25 for $25.00 – then press send.
3. You will receive a link. Click the link and follow the setup steps.


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