Almost Half A Century & Still Going Strong

Sunshine Cathedral has a rich history. There have only been 6 pastors, and only 3 for most of those years.

Sunshine Cathedral has also been a part of the Metropolitan Community Churches movement MCC was only 4 years old. So, from the early days of MCC, Sunshine Cathedral has been part of the liberation, justice-seeking, progressive movement that MCC was known to be. Today, Sunshine Cathedral also a member of the International Council of Community Churches, the Divine Science Federation, is a proud supporter of the Global Justice Institute, and works locally with BOLD-Justice.

Sunshine Cathedral has survived the Anita Bryant days when fundamentalism rose up so vehemently in opposition to same-gender loving people.

Sunshine Cathedral has survived the worst of the AIDS crisis when there were no effective treatments and very few long term survivors.

And today, Sunshine Cathedral continues to stand in support of religious pluralism, human rights, and the Sunshine Cathedral faith community continues to affirm the sacred value of all people.

Sunshine Cathedral is a community that expresses gratitude and generosity, that practices and shares a progressive, positive, and practical spirituality, that is reaching out to share our healing, hope filled message with our local community and the world beyond it, and that is learning and growing in the areas of stewardship, discipleship, and spiritual fulfillment. Ours is an increasingly engaged, committed, and dynamic congregation dedicated to making a difference in the world.

Sunshine Cathedral is an amazing spiritual home with an impressive history and a glorious future. We honor both by being our best right here and right now.

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