I’ve been praying for a long

Question: I’ve been praying for a long time for a miracle and nothing has happened. Why aren’t my prayers being answered?

Answer: What do you mean by “miracle”? Do you mean you are hoping that something that is usually impossible will happen? When we think of things as “impossible” we may find it hard to really expect they will or even can happen. If we believe it can’t or probably won’t happen, then no matter what we pray for, our attitudes can sabotage our success. When I use the word “miracle” I mean to see things in a new way, to experience a broader perspective than I have previously had. When we open ourselves to see more than we’ve noticed before, the broader view often reveals opportunities and possibilities that we previously overlooked.

Sometimes we think God is saying “no” to us when really we are saying “no” to God’s “yes.” For example: If I pray to win the lottery, what I’m really praying for is to be happy. I think having more money will make me happy (which is probably not true), so I’m praying for what I think will bring me happiness, but happiness is the real desire. Now, how many opportunities for happiness have come my way since I’ve been praying? But because I didn’t get a huge windfall, I’ve become discouraged thinking God has ignored me. But really, I might be ignoring all the ways that God has been trying to give me what I really desire, which is happiness.

Define a miracle as seeing more in life than you’ve seen before. When you pray, do so with a sense of peace and calm assurance that God is with you and wants you to experience the best in life. And then, allow God’s good to show up however it might. It may not look exactly like the wish list you’ve presented, but it might be as good or even better, so be receptive to all the ways that God may say “yes” to the true desires of your heart. And finally, rather than “begging” God for a miracle, trust that God is already trying to give you all you need to be happy and fulfilled. Affirm: “God in me is meeting my every need and filling my life with peace and joy. Thank you, God!” The sense of well-being from affirmative prayer could be instant, and it could be the real miracle you’ve been seeking all along.


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