Progressive Christianity

“A Different Kind of Church!”

The prophet Hosea said, “…Remain loyal and do right and always hope in your God.” The prophet Amos said, “Let justice surge like water, and goodness like an unfailing stream.” The prophets speak to who we are and to what we hope to accomplish at Sunshine Cathedral. We are bold optimists. We are seekers and students of truth. We are lovers of life. We are justice workers. We believe that by doing these things, we are following the example and teachings of Jesus, and as followers of Jesus, we call ourselves “Christian”.

Progressive Christianity

The Sunshine Cathedral shares a progressive spirituality meant to redeem religion.
We hope to attract and empower people who have been hurt, rejected, or underserved by religion, but who nevertheless long for spiritual community.
We hope to present evangelism as a passionate way of communicating a gospel message of hope, peace, inclusion, and justice-love.
We hope to support people in their spiritual search more than defend any sort of dogmatic certainty.
We hope to honor Jesus’ life rather than venerate his death, to follow his example rather than view him as an exception, and to be a healing Christ presence in our world as he was in his.

Sunshine Cathedral is a different kind of church where the past is past and the future has infinite possibilities!


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