Remembering Who We Are

Remembering Who We Are
By Rev. Dr. Durrell Watkins

“…the Eternal is forever begetting the only begotten.” Ernest Holmes

At Sunshine Cathedral we repeatedly affirm the sacred value of all people. That affirmation sustains us, and it challenges us. It’s difficult sometimes to affirm that we are made from and are part of the divine Substance when we are feeling flawed or weak or small. And it is sometimes difficult to affirm that people who have been unkind to us, or who have slandered us, or who have tried to cheat or hurt us are, regardless of how we feel about them, also fully connected to the Mystery of Life and share equally in the riches of the universe. And yet beyond our mistakes, beyond the mistakes of others, beyond the pain we have caused or experienced, beyond every perceived flaw or failure there is the Truth that God is One and from God and by God we have each come into being; in fact, we are an expression of Pure Being. So today, let’s put aside fear, regret, animosity, jealousies, back biting, gossip, selfishness, or any other feeling or action that is unworthy of our true divine nature. Today, let’s dare to be the women and men of God that God has always known us to be.


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