Healing Rays…A Progressive, Positive, Practical Weekly Reflection

By Rev. Dr. Durrell Watkins

Lent is a time of prayer and spiritual renewal. Commit to worshiping every week, to reading positive spiritual literature throughout the week, and to praying every single day. As you pray, try this method of powerful prayer:

Recognize the divine Presence in your life.

Know that this Presence is the All-in-all.

Deny (repent of, turn away from) any thought, feeling or appearance that would suggest that the divine Power is anything but limitless; the problem is real enough in your experience, but it is nothing in comparison to the Power which can solve it, so focus more on the Power than on the problem. Having crushed doubt and fear with your denial, replace those thoughts with positive thoughts of amazing possibilities.

Declare that your needs are being met, your good desires can be fullled, and your honest efforts must pay off. Trusting that such prayer is making a wonderful difference in your life, feel a sense of great gratitude.

Finally, release the prayer to the perfection of divine right action (“Let go and let God”).

Let us pray:

There is a Power that is universal and everlasting, and with this Power all things are possible.

God, Goddess, Lord, Spirit, Mother, Father, Rock, Shelter, Fortress, Inward Light, Innite

Intelligence, Divine Love…it doesn’t matter what we call It because It is more than any name or any image and yet It can respond to us whatever we call It.

I AM at home now in this Power, and this Power is also at home in me. In moments of prayer I AM aware of my unity with this all-encompassing Presence. 

Because I AM held by and lled with this eternal Power, there is nothing that can disturb my peace of mind. There is no problem that can’t be faced, no challenge that can’t be met, and no blessing that is too good to have, achieve, or experience.

And so it is that I know that all things are working together for my Good. Rather than focusing on limitations, I deny limitations and choose instead to focus on possibilities! Rather than focusing on regret, I release regret and choose instead to focus on hope! Rather than worrying about what could go wrong, I choose to imagine the many ways that things can work out perfectly. With the divine Power which is ever ready to respond to my every need and good desire, I am lled with faith and joyful expectation and I allow blessings to be made manifest in my life NOW.

Knowing I have spoken the word of power, the word of faith, the word of truth, I give thanks for the divine assistance that is now mine. My demonstration is at hand. Amen


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