The Affirming Word

The Affirming Word

“I send out my word and it always produces fruit…” Isaiah 55.11

Why do we include affirmations in our prayers? Because words are powerful. Words direct our thoughts. Words summon feelings. Words can inspire or depress, build up or tear down, encourage or discourage, heal or hurt, help or hinder. By choosing our words we are contributing to how we feel, and how we feel determines how we experience life.

So in prayer, we declare the most positive thoughts possible. We summon desirable mental images and we allow ourselves to feel the power of hope. When we choose positive words, we are telling ourselves that God in and through us not only desires the best for us but is very present to help us achieve the best. In our prayers, in our speech, even in our self-talk, let’s make sure that the words we send out are saying what we wish to experience.

Theologian Dr. Thomas Shepherd gives this advice: “Try repeating a series of denials followed by affirmations in order to access the new consciousness you’re seeking. [For example, say], ‘I deny that sickness, poverty or suffering has any power over me. I am a radiant, spiritual being filled with wisdom, peace and light.’ Repeat as often as necessary…”

When we find ourselves falling into the habit of fear, regret, or anxiety, let’s deny that there is anything that can oppose the indomitable spirit within us, and then let’s follow that denial with an affirmation that good things are possible. This is how we “send out” our word, and we can be certain that it “always produces fruit.”

Rev. Durrell Watkins, M.A., M.Div., D.Min.

Senior Pastor

“That which I am seeking, I am. Whatever it is of good that I have believed to be separate from me is, in fact, a constituted part of my being. I include, embody, and embrace within myself within my consciousness, the reality of God which forms the infinity of the health, wealth, and harmony of my being. The conscious awareness of this truth is true prayer.” Joel S. Goldsmith 

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