SC 2020 Lectionary & Worship Planning

2019 Lections for Worship at Sunshine Cathedral

Each entry offers:
~ Date
~ Theme/Sermon Title
~ Readings (Canonical readings, unless otherwise noted, are from NRSV, sometimes slightly adapted as indicated by ellipses and brackets)
~ Prayer to follow the final reading (written by Durrell Watkins)…supports the readings/theme of the day
~ *Healing Rays prayer (the prayer card given to people who come forward for anointing)…supports the readings/theme of the day (HR prayers written by Durrell Watkins)
~ Stewardship Thought for the day (read aloud before offering is taken in worship)
~ a suggested hymn to be used in worship

The cycle of readings follows the Narrative Lectionary (a project of Luther Seminary) January – Pentecost. After Pentecost, there is a mix of Narrative Lectionary and the Revised Common Lectionary readings. There are also contemporary readings added for many (but not all) of the Sundays.

The Liturgical Calendar is observed for the most part. Epiphany isn’t featured in 2018, nor is All Saints/All Souls. What will be featured, at least in part, are: Holy Week, Easter, Pentecost, LGBTQ Pride, Thanksgiving, Reign of Christ, Advent, and Christmas.

In addition to the Readings (which feature the stories of the bible), most of Spirit & Truth (SC’s daily devotional magazine) reflections are based on a verse from the assigned readings for the Daily Office used by the Episcopal Church. We are making an effort to get the bible not only into people’s hands, but into their hearts (and to liberate it from oppressive interpretations).

*”Healing Rays” comes from Malachi 4.2 and is in keeping with Sunshine Cathedral’s “sunshine” theme…Our prayer cards are “Healing Rays”, our newsletter is “The Sun Burst”, our Internet Talk Show is “Sharing the Light”, etc.

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